Danish Father’s Day

While most of the world will be celebrating Father’s Day on June 15 this year, Denmark will celebrate it on June 5. It is only one of several countries who deviates from the more common observation date that happens on the 3rd Sunday of June as was started in the US. Apparently, the different date has something to do about failing to inform the public and press about the change of observation date.

It turns out that although the American date was initially followed, the Nordic countries decided to move their celebration on the second Sunday of November. Denmark for its part was already celebrating its Father’s Day on the same day as its Constitution Day. It remains so up to this time. Incidentally, Constitution Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the 1849 Constitution as well as the 1953 Constitution in Denmark.

Father’s day seeks to honor the special men known as fathers in the family. In Danish family scenario, the evolution that is still happening in relation to a father’s role is quite interesting. While the breadwinner image for fathers was very distinct during the 60s and 70s, Danish fathers are now becoming more and more family oriented.

Danish Law grants two weeks paternity leave to fathers after the birth of their respective children. It is quite common for them to attend the birth of their children. Danish fathers are also taking an active part in bringing up their kids from infancy although mothers are still responsible for providing primary care. 



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