Denmark – The Second Most Peaceful Country In the World

As of the last ranking released for Global Peace Index, Denmark continues to show that there is much advantage in living in it, being the second most peaceful country in ther world after Iceland. This is quite an impressive rank in a list that includes at least 162 countries. Since this listing started in 2007, the lowest ranking attained by Denmark is 6th place which by any standards is still impressive.


Global Peace Index determines the positions of the countries being considered based on several factors. Some of these are the number of internal and external conflicts fought, number of deaths from organized conflict, relations with neighboring countries, and the level of perceived criminality in society, among others. The number of refugees or displaced persons are likewise considered in determining the ranking. Ranking therefore is based on how countries conduct their internal and external affairs not only in areas that affect their citizens and residents but also their neighbors.


It has been found out that the existence of peace in any place is corelated to income and schooling, factors in which Denmark both scores high in. Peaceful countries are also said to have the benefit of a transparent government and low incidence of corruption and the Danish government has continuously exhibited its strength in this aspect. It has also been observed that most countries who rank high in the list are small, stable, and part of a regional block. Being a member of the largest trading block- the European Union, has worked well for Denmark. 

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