Danish Hotel is World’s Most Climate Friendly

Denmark is known for its commitment to the global green movement. It’s doing a great job in helping make the environment safer for people and it’s been properly recognized for such valuable effort in the recent years and months. This month, Denmark is once again on the spotlight for having the most climate friendly hotel in the world. 

The Hotel Copenhagen Towers is the recipient of the World’s Greenest Hotel award. A unanimous panel from Cheers International, the world’s biggest travel and tourism organization gave the award.

There are various factors that make the hotel eco friendly. For one thing, it makes use of solar panels on the building’s façade considered to be the largest solar cell plant in Northern Europe. Secondly, it utilizes ground water for the cooling and heating requirements of the hotel. A third factor is the use of low energy to power television units and lights within the building.

In terms of packaging, the hotel uses biodegradable products. In the kitchen area, apart from the use of only local and raw materials, the sewage system is also advanced as food waste is transformed into biogas and fertilizer.

But that’s not all because the hotel’s gym is also a green area. The exercise bikes there serve as power generators and hotel guests who can use the stationary bicycles and generate 10 watt hours are rewarded with a free meal in the restaurant.

The hotel manager is proud and happy of this achievement. Mr. Allan Agerholm expressed hope that with their success, more people will do their share in helping preserve the environment and will motivate them to do better in this effort.

Denmark is proud to have its Crowne Plaza Hotel considered to be the only carbon neutral building and Energy Class 2 hotel. This establishment is also the only one that meets the goals of EU’s Green Building Programme.

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