Seven Favourite Danish Dishes

The Danes love their potatoes mashed and with a bit of gravy. One popular traditional Danish dish features pan-fried meatballs with potatoes and brown gravy. Another one includes roast pork with crispy crackling served together with red cabbage and small, caramelized potatoes.

Potatoes are normally used as a side dish in most Danish meals. They can be paired with meat, fish or chicken.

Here are some of the delicious Danish dishes with your favorite potatoes.

Frikadelle – Also known as rissole, this is a national dish served together with potatoes as well as preserved sour vegetables and thick brown sauce. This dates back to the year 1837 although the term Frikadelle which means pure pork has been recorded at the start of the 16th century. As an example, the dish was mentioned in a 1648 cookbook.

Frikadelle includes meatballs made from pure pork as well as pickled beetroot and sour preserved cucumber. There is no particular season when this national dish is best eaten because Danes love them all year round.

Stegt flaesk – This is made up of friend juicy pork slices with potatoes and creamy parsley sauce. Best prepared during the cold winter months.

Medisterpolse – This dish features spicy pork sausage served with potatoes, stow cabbage and thick brown gravy.

Forloren hare – If you love mock rabbit, this is for you. This actually involves spiced minced meat with heavy brown sauce and potatoes.

Kalvesteg – This is roast veal of a calf served with potatoes, carrots, green beans and thin brown gravy.

Morbrad – Try this pork tenderloin with potatoes and heavy brown sauce, prunes and red currant jelly.

Stegte Al – A unique dish with fried eel and potatoes, lemon slices and creamy parsley sauce.

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