Danish Queen of Fashion

At a young age, most people would be exhibiting clues of what they are to become in the future. It was no different with Malene Birger, the crowned Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen. Living in a tiny village during the 60s, she was dressing up and sewing up her own creations, even when it was considered unusual at the time.

Armed with a Fashion Design degree, she began her fashion career in 1989. She worked in several fashion design companies until 1996. She founded her first company in 1997 and eventually established the  “By Malene Birger” fashion label in 2003. The latter move was probably inspired by her winning the Danish Design Award in 2002. Of course, she went on to receive other awards including the Guldknappen in 2004, the Scandinavian Design Award in 2005, and the Brand of the Year award in 2008.

Birger believes in perfection or the closest possible to it when it comers to her creations. She however is not into complicated business operation and would rather keep it simple where focus is placed on producing quality products. Simply put. she’d rather work than talk.

This Danish Queen of Fashion is also a Danish Unicef Ambassador. She has dedicated herself to designing shirts and string bags to sell at least four times in a year, all profits of which is donated to Unicef. Although her clothes appeal largely to the modern woman, Birger sees her creations as clothes that can be carried by anyone who decides to wear them.


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