The Danish Rye Bread Known as Rugbrød

Most countries will have some food staples automatically associated with it. Denmark has one such food known as the rugbrød which is essentially the danish rye bread. Although it can come in various shapes and sizes, its most common form is a brown rectangular piece of bread based on sourdough.

It is seen as a healthy alternative to white bread because it contains less sugar but more of whole grain and dietary fiber. It comes highly recommended as breakfast bread because of its filling ability, allowing people to eat less without sacrificing energy. This goes well with the general preference of Danes to live healthier lives.

The popular Danish open-faced sandwiches typically make use of the rugbrød slathered with butter. The traditional Danish amount of butter placed in these sandwiches are ironically less than healthy considering that their “tand smør” preference equates to an amount that will make it possible to leave visible teeth marks after a bite. That is how thick it is. Danish open-faced sandwiches are known as smørrebrød.

The tart flavor of the bread comes from sourdough which is also the reason why rugbrød is able to last longer than regular breads. It is interesting to note that those who intend to make this bread will need to have a headstart of at least a week unless sourdough is already available. The sourdough can be placed in the fridge for some future use.

It is easy enough to take things such as bread for granted in relation to a country. However, it is the small genuine details that actually make up a country. JUst like rugbrød which will always be associated with Denmark.

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