Word War II Artifacts in Denmark

Travelers who wish to see a glimpse of World War II in Denmark should not fail to visit the Skagen Bunker Museum. The privately-owned museum can be found in Jutland, Denmark near the tip of Grenen. What used to be an infirmary for treating wounded soldiers has become a museum of note containing world War II artifacts. 

The structure itself is a Regelbau 638 type German bunker. Bunkers of this nature have been purposely built for standardized use in Germany as well as in countries occupied by Germany then. As a bunker, it housed most of the bigger weapons of war. It was a dominant force to reckon with in the waters between Norway and Denmark, together with another banker located at Norway.

Through the efforts of Martin Nielsen and Christian Forman Hansen, the German bunker was converted into a war museum in 2008. It is interesting that even if it was intended to be an infirmary, it was never used for such purpose and instead became the home of some of the biggest guns that protected the Atlantic Wall Bunker. It is in every way a repository of World War II artifacts which can now be appreciated without threat of harm.

There are several other museums that house war artifacts in Denmark. These museums will forever be reminders of the German occupation of Denmark from 1940 to 1945. Other interesting war-related points of interest include the Vestre Prison, the Royal Arsenal Museum, the Shell House, Ryvangen Memorial Park, and the “Fallen Statue”.



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