Danish Style Hot Dog Stands

In Denmark, visitors will not fail to notice those hot dog stands scattered in most municipal areas of the country including parks. The hand-pulled cart that can comfortably accomodate only one person inside to do the cooking,is known by the locals as a Pølsevogn which translates to “Sausage Wagon”. Both locals and tourists cannot resist going for a beeline to buy sausages offered with various dressings.

One should not be too quick to dismiss the hot dog wagon as an ordinary place to get some quick snack. The sausages sold, easily become extraordinary especially when served with special dressings such as Denmark’s most famous remoulade. Although remoulade was invented in France, Denmark perfectly adopted it to fit the taste of its locals , not to mention capture the gastutory interest of foreign travelers. 

It is of special note that Danish-themed hotdog stands have been continuously and steadily imcreasing their number outside Denmark. It is common to see a Pølsevogn in many other countries including Russia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany, England, and Finland. Some have already been established in Singapore.

Another interesting development about the Pølsevogn concept is its incorporation in many official Danish travel groups as a real representation of one aspect of the country. Important events like the Le Mans 24 hour race and cross-country trips to USA for charity works brought the Pølsevogn along. A lot of these Danish styled hot dog stands have been known to open in places where there are large established groups of Danish communities, whether as residents or tourists.   

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