The Royal Library Garden – a Haven of Peace in Copenhagen

It is quite common to hear from travelers about their desire to find peace and quiet in their trips. Although traveling and the need for quiet seems to contradict each other, there are actually places in the world where this is possible. Take for example The Royal Library Garden found in Copenhagen. It is not the first place people would think of to get peace, but peace you will get once you are in ths grounds of this somewhat hidden garden between the Royal Library, the Tøjhus Museum, Christian IV’s Supply Depot, and the Christiansborg Palace.

The garden is accessed through the gates of the Parliament Square. This green oasis was designed by Jens Peder Andersen and Thorvald Jørgensen, landscape gardener and architect respectively, in the year 1920. A small pond in the middle of the gardens is its most notable feature. The pond or pool is said to be the remaining connection of the garden to its maritime history. The site wherein the garden is currently located used to be Christian IV’s Old Naval Harbour. 

In the middle of the garden is an interesting bronze statue of Søren Kierkegaard as created by renowned sculptor Louis Hasselriis. An equally interesting 8-meter-high copper sculpture which releases cascades of water by the hour is placed at the middle of the pool. This particular structure was a gift received by the Royal Library when its extension known as the Black Diamond opened to the public. 

The feeling of tranquility that overcomes visitors to the Royal Library Garden is attributed largely to the wide variety of vegetation that can be found in the place. The garden itself is not particularly known as a travelers’ stop and finding it may even be a mere result of visiting the Royal Library. Never the less, it can be one of the most worthwhile stops a weary traveler can experience in his trip.

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