Danish Women Want More Children

Life is good even amidst hard times. It’s the positive attitude of people that counts more than what’s happening around them. I believe that an individual’s optimism brings good benefits although they may not always be in droves.

Life has to go on despite the difficulties and for some people, life is even better with children. Let’s face it, not all people want to have children. But really, children are blessings so who could blame women in Denmark if they continue to have more kids than before.

This is the latest buzz coming from Statistics Denmark. New data shows Danish women are giving birth to more children these days compared to the previous years. In 2008, women in Denmark bore an average of 1.9 children and this is already the highest figure since way back in 1975.

A welfare researcher from Roskilde University said that currently, most Danish couples want to have two children. The reason is that couples are no longer burdened financially and their careers no longer get in the way of their plan to have more kids.

Danish couples today can handle their work well without being troubled by childcare responsibilities. With nurseries and kindergartens in place, parents can at least leave their kids there while they attend to their jobs. The maternity leave is also a plus for women who want to personally take care of their babies after delivery.

On the contrary, women immigrants in Denmark are firm in their decision not to have more children. Statistics show that in 1998, the birth rate for foreign women was an average of 3.04 children. The figure has gone down since then to only 1.94 in 2008. According to the National Research Center for Welfare, the low figures resulted from the adoption of the norms and values of pure Danish women by the non-Western female residents.

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