The old mineral water bottling factory of Carlsberg has been given a graceful transformation as Denmark’s (and all of Northern Europe’s) largest institution for modern dance: the DANSEhallerne. Situated on the edge of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, this is the home of the three biggest and well-known dance companies in the country: Dansescenen, Danish Dance Theatre and the House of Dance.
The building has two performance stages: the Store Carl (Large Carl) and the Lille Carl (Small Carl). Since its opening in 2009, it has provided the public a venue to enjoy Danish and international dance performances. Although most of the performances are in Danish, it also features international dances from time to time. Dansehallerne also serves as a center for aspiring dancers to hone their craft and get the opportunity to succeed in their field. There are rehearsal and training spaces for its dance courses as well as a Dance Library and Dance Information. . It also employs dance consultants who work and collaborate with schools around the country to promote dance education and dance as an art form. Dansehallerne also helps coordinate the “Day of Dance” for Denmark, an annual festival that celebrates dance all over the world. It is also the venue for “Detour,” Copenhagen’s annual Urban Dance Festival.
For visitors there is the Café Elephant which serves refreshments for those watching a performance or taking a tour in the nearby Carlsberg Brewery. There is also a gift shop which sells all dance-related music, literature, clothing, tools and accessories.

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