Denmark Contingent All Set for the 2012 Olympics


This year’s Olympics will see Denmark with its largest delegation after 16 years. For the 2012 summer games, the Danish contingent will be composed of 112 members, all fit and well trained. This will be the country’s biggest delegation since the Atlanta games in 1996. 

The athletes that make up the delegation will be playing in 17 disciplines. According to a Denmark Sports Confederation official, their target is to win at least six to eight medals this year. Sports officials are optimistic about the Danes saying they have a stronger team compared to the Beijing Olympics. This is in addition to the good trainers they have. 

In the last Olympics in 2008, Denmark had only 84 athletes. The won a total of 7 medals — two gold, two silver and three bronze. So far, the Danes had been consistent in winning an average of six to eight models in the past four Olympic games.    

Copenhagen Mayor and chairman of Team Denmark Frank Jensen said their potential medals will most likely be in the areas of swimming, badminton, cycling, handball, sailing, rowing and tennis. They are hoping as well to perform well in the equestrian and kayaking events

Mayor Jensen revealed they have high hopes for the Danish athletes but he’s confident of a good performance considering the rigid training they went through. He added that they also have sports psychologists in Team Denmark who will help the athletes in the mental aspects of their sports. 

Since the Olympics began in 1896, Denmark has been a consistent participant. The country has attended 26 out of the total 27 games. The only thing left for this Nordic country to accomplish is to host this renowned international sports event. 

For their participation, the Danes have gained a total of 171 medals most of them won in the field of sailing followed by cycling and rowing. 



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