Denmark is a Kite Flying Haven

Denmark is one country where families have lots of opportunity to engage in enriching and fun activities. The summer season is the most preferred time of the year when families can enjoy a wide range of exciting adventures. One of these activities is kite flying.

Several areas in Denmark play host to kite festivals each year. The beach at Liseleje in North Zealand is filled with colorful kits as the Kattegat kite festival takes place. There are competitions not only for adults but as well as for children. Apart from that, workshops are also conducted to teach people interested in the activity how to fly a kite, build a kit and many other techniques.

In Romo, just off the west coast of Jutland towards the south, a kite festival also takes place during the first weekend of September. The kite flying event occurs on the wide beach of the Romo island. During this festival, thousands of Danes and even kite flying enthusiasts from other countries join in the activity. They show off and fly their kites and get the opportunity to find out what other kite enthusiasts have come up with in the recent years and months. 

Kites of the present times are no longer limited to the traditional diamond shaped type. The modern ones are now of varied sizes, shapes and patterns. And they’re also made from different lightweight fabric materials in a wide range of colors that light up the sky when flown during a perfect day with just enough wind.

Around the world today, numerous kite clubs exist. Based on the updated World List of Kite Clubs, Denmark has its own called the Dutch Kite Symphony together with Holland. Fano Classics is a club or society composed of people who are fans of the classic kits and is based in Fano, Denmark. There’s also the Randers Drage/Kite Club in east Jutland and the Sjaellands Drage Club in Sealand. 

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