Catch the Spectacle of the Summer Dance Festival

Denmark boasts of numerous great artists not only in the field of visual arts and music but as well as in the performing arts. One of its leading institutions in dance is the Danish Dance Theater whose members are some of the world’s best dancers.

This week, the new Danish Dance Theater under its artistic director and chief choreographer Tim Rushton, will present an open-air dance performance in the lovely courtyard off the Copenhagen Police headquarters. Also to take part during the event are the top ballet  and modern dance companies.

Known as the Copenhagen Summer Dance Festival, the performances will run from August 9 to 15 specifically at the precincts of the Copenhagen Police Headquarters.  The venue is situated in the center of the Danish capital city about two minutes away from the Tivoli Gardens, the City Hall Square and the main railway station. Dance enthusiasts are expected to enjoy an evening show of contemporary dance from different companies and choreographers.

The Danish Dance Theater was founded in 1981 by English-Norwegian choreographer Randi Patterson and is the biggest modern dance company in Denmark.  Until now, it remains as a top contemporary dance company in the entire Scandinavian region. It is strongly supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Tim Rushton has been the artistic director for almost a decade now since 2001. Rushton has brought new styles and techniques in the dance company thereby improving its repertoire that is now in demand around the world. He has contributed his own unique style and through his close collaboration with his dancers, they have developed a stronger dance force that is able to successfully express emotions and relationships.  Dancers are usually recruited from the different parts of Europe.

A matinee program will take place on August 14 and 15 starting at 2:30 pm while the grand performance will be on August 15 at 8:30 pm.

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