Denmark Open Gardens Will Make You Stay

Whether it is for the scenery or for the peace and quiet, there is definitely more than a handful of reasons why you love to take a stroll around the open gardens in Denmark. Apart from the amazing flowers and other plants that make the view worthwhile, these gardens seem to take people to a magical world where no stress exists. For a few moments in a day, while in any of the open gardens in the country, you get to experience how it is to become free from all of your worries.

Did you know that there are about 500 charming gardens in the whole of Denmark? Some of them are private while there are a lot more that are open to the public. A few of these gardens are only open during weekend, so you better check out the dates before you pay a visit. And yet majority of them open their gates to visitors, locals and tourists alike, especially during summer when the grasses are greener and the flowers are in full bloom.

There are gardens for everyone. From the small intimate ones to the grand formal gardens you usually see in royal castles. There is definitely a garden to suit your taste and garden style. If you are not sure what garden are in your area, you may always refer to the list that the local tourism office provides. It will make your search for the ultimate garden a lot easier.


Whether you are travelling to Denmark for leisure or for business, you should definitely pay their open gardens a visit. If not for the flowers, stroll the gardens for serenity and peace. At the end of the day, you will surely realize how truly magical these gardens are, for the beautiful feeling to brings upon you.  

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