Aqua Parks In Denmark You Must Visit

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You must have noticed that when you first came to Denmark, it seems that you are never too far off the coast. It is no wonder that people in Denmark just can’t get enough of the water. Apart from the natural water forms that they’re all enjoying, they came up with their own sets of aqua parts where friends and families can enjoy. It’s no wonder Danes love the sound of the splash of water.

From the beautiful natural beaches that the country has to offer to its wild water parks where weekends can be well-spent, you will find no excuse why you shouldn’t get wet while in Denmark. Whether you’re visiting for the summer of at any given time of the year, you can enjoy the waters and live like a Viking!

Here are some of Denmark’s Aqua parks you shouldn’t miss out!

  • Faarup Sommerland

This amusement park is situation very close to the beach but its builders didn’t seem to get enough. They built the amusement park and brought water up into the forest. It is voted as Denmark’s best Summer Holiday destination.

  • Lalandia in Billund

If you are up for the longest slide of your life, then this is the best place to be. This world of fun is all about aqua sports. It offers the perfect tropical holiday that everyone wants every once in a while.

  • Harbour Bath Islands Brygge

This open air swimming right in the middle of the busy streets of the city will make you love swimming even more. From regular swimmers to local families with children, you will surely enjoy spending the afternoon learning more about people’s lives and just enjoying the water.


There’s always a good reason to go out for a swim. Whether it’s for your health or you simply want to enjoy the water, there’s always a relief that only comes from swimming and staying in the water. Try these water destinations while in Denmark and discover the different kind of joy that comes from within.  

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