Denmark Stone Age Structures Opened to the Public as Part of the European Megalithic Route

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A peek back into the Stone Age is one of the things the “Megalithic Routes” Project aims to bring to common people as they open up various locations in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. Each of the locations is accessible via motor-driven vehicles, making the “Megalithic Route” really accessible and a great touristic holiday route through these partner countries. Of course, emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability is also part of the whole plan.

The Megalithic Route held its opening ceremony in Denmark today (August 27) at the Klekkendehøj passage grave on the island of Møn with the event attended by the Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Penelope Denu, Danish Minister for Culture, Marianne Jelved, and German local historian Klaus de Laak.

Those who wish to visit this one of a kind attraction would do well to time your visit for the special “Long Night of Myths and Legends” feast to be held at the same location on September 21st from 5 in the afternoon till “well after sundown”. An event hosted by the Museum Southeast Denmark, the feast will be “a light stone age dinner based on knowledge about the period around 3500 BC”. There will also be “storytelling about neolithic landscape, dolmens and passage graves and off course neolithic myths and sacrifices.”

To inquire about the Denmark portion of the Megalithic Route, you can contact the Danish Agency of Culture or the Museum Southeast Denmark.

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