Zulu Comedy Festival Gets Cracking with English Acts Aplenty

Feeling a little down? If you are, then the blues couldn’t have visited you at a better time because you can still catch the last few days of the Zulu Comedy Festival.

A ten-day festival that started on the 23rd of August, the Zulu Comedy Festival brings the best stand-up comedians from all over Denmark and even other countries. With acts ranging from the raunchy to the more intellectual ones, you’ll find yourself laughing your socks off.

English-speaking tourists visiting Copenhagen need not feel left out either because this year’s Zulu Comedy Festival has a pretty good number of Anglo acts in the line up. So you need not bring your Danish to English dictionary with you to appreciate the humor of some of the best stand up comedians there.

The English-language comedy trend is on the rise in Denmark as more Anglo acts come over to perform for enthusiastic crowds. It isn’t just foreign acts that use English as the language to deliver their jokes, but Danish comedians as well since more Danish comedians are going abroad to travel and polish their acts in an effort to take their comedy up a notch.

With Danish comedians cracking jokes in English, perhaps we’ll be seeing Danish jokes invade the international scene in years to come. And who knows, perhaps you’ll hear people tell Danish jokes not only each time your visit a bar in Copenhagen, but the next time you stroll down the Piccadilly.

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