Denmark Tops Travel Destination List of Neighbor Country Sweden

The Danes and the Swedes sure do feel neighbourly as attested by the Swede’s penchant for crossing the border to visit Denmark’s shores. According to Swedish news site, The Local, Denmark is the top destination for Swedish tourists, with Copenhagen being the city they absolutely love to come over for short trips.

Proximity obviously has a lot to do with Copenhagen’s popularity among Swedish tourists, and its accessibility, with the Öresund Bridge’s opening back in 2000, a clear bonus for travellers looking for a quick convenient trip. In fact, Fredrik Jenfjord, sales manager of the Öresund Bridge, was quoted to say that that the traffic on the bridge “increased quicker than we dared hope”.

Still, with Denmark drawing more border crossers than Sweden’s neighbors Norway and Finland, it is clear that Copenhagen City’s draw stems from more than just its nearness. Some chalk it up to the absence of the “Systembolaget” (Swedish government owned liquor chain that was put up to minimize alcohol-related problems in the country) in Denmark, thus saying that Swedes come over to Copenhagen mostly to drink, party, and stock up on liquor, but of course many also come over to do more than just alcohol shop.

Whatever the reason may be for Swedes liking Denmark over other countries for their short trips, the fact remains that the Öresund Bridge will remain open to let them in and Copenhagen businesses will be more than happy to service the needs of the Swedes. 

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