Denmark has Best Pension Scheme in the World

Denmark, as we already know, is THE happiest nation on earth. So it shouldn’t be so surprising to find out that it is also THE best country in terms of state pension schemes. In fact, according to the 2013 Melbourne Mercier Global Pension Index Report, Denmark is the only country assessed that was able to achieve a Grade A classification. This Grade A classification puts Denmark in a class of its own, being described as a country with a “first class and robust retirement income system that delivers good benefits, is sustainable and has a high level of integrity”.

Netherlands and Australia trail behind Denmark just a bit as Grade B+ countries, with Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Chile and UK all classified as a Grade B country. These countries are said to have sound retirement structures but “have some areas for improvement that differentiate them from those with A-grade systems”.

Denmark’s pension scheme, being the best there is the world, is an obvious additional draw for international talent looking to relocate. Coupled with its egalitarian work culture and a family-focused slow down society, it is no wonder that expats are finding their move to Denmark well worth the adjustments that always come with moving to a new country. After all, who wouldn’t want to come work in country where you reap the benefits of a less-stressful environment now, as well as a sound source of income when you end up retiring in the future, whether you do end up living in Denmark then or moving back to your home country?

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