Dog Breeds that Originated from Denmark

Denmark has made contributions to all facets of everyday living from food, technology, literature, and many others. What many of us may not realize is that this country is also the acknowledged place of origin of at least three dog breeds – the Broholmer, the Danish Swedish Farmdog, and the Old Danish Pointer. Not many countries can make a similar claim.

The Broholmer is also known as the Danish Mastiff because of its strong resemblance to the mastiff. It functioned primarily as a guard dog for wealthy people. The breed was borne out of a cross between English mastiffs and local German dogs. Frederick VIII, the King of Denmark from 1906-1912 and his consort Countess Danner owned several Broholmers. They even have a portrait with their dogs. The breed almost went extinct during World War II if not for the efforts of Danish enthusiasts.

By the mere name of the Danish Swedish Farmdog. it is easy to conclude that Denmark and Sweden had much to do with generating this breed. The two countries actually got together and agreed on the name. Originally known as the rottehund or rat dog, the Danish Swedish Farmdog, it functioned as a working dog on farms. Besides being a good hunting dog, it is quite an able rat catcher, thus its original name.

The Old Danish Pointer or the Bakhound is a pure breed of piebald white and brown dogs. It is strongly built and also a very able hunting and farm dog. It is a very efficient pointing dog that creates little disturbance when walking with hunters on hunting grounds. It is also a suitable family dog as long as it gets the proper exercise. The next time you see these dog breeds, remember they are originally from Denmark.



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