Experience Medieval Europe in a Festival

There’s nothing like being brought back to the olden days when you’ve visiting a new city or country. In Denmark, you can have an opportunity to experience Medieval Europe this August.

Horsens will play host to the European Medieval Festival on August 24 to 25. This is going to be the event’s 12th year in Horsens so if you’re heading to Denmark, make sure not to miss it. Don’t worry about tickets as the festival is free for everyone.
Each year in Horsens, some 100,000 visitors come to experience the festival. What makes this event unique is that people can wear their medieval outfit and join various activities.

Being in this event will provide you with a rich cultural experience. With the knight tournaments, theater performances and concerts planned for the European Medieval Festival, anybody going to Horsens will be truly entertained for two days.

Now picture this…swordsmen getting ready with their armor and sword for the tournament, the cobbler making a pair of shoes while the dressmaker is creating a lovely dress for a noble lady. The sound of horses can be heard from the arena in preparation for the tournament and bagpipes are also blaring around town.

Then there are food stalls providing a range of sumptuous dishes such as steamed clams, smoked venison, sourdough bread and apple pie to name a few as well as drinks like fruit juice and beer.

At night, torches, candles and bonfires are lighted in the stalls and streets with thousands and professionals in their medieval outfits everywhere thereby creating a real scenario of the Middle Ages. How cool is that? It’s like being brought back to the past in the present time. Now that’s an experience worth remembering.

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