Unique Pampering at Copenhagen’s Biggest Spa

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How would you like to pamper yourself the Asian way in a spacious spa? You can experience this right in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

The place to go to is the Ni’mat Massage & Spa. This Asian luxury spa is in an 850-square-meter area and is Copenhagen’s oldest. Being in the business for 12 years, this place has modern facilities that help make every client feel pampered from the time they get in until they leave.

Now situated at Hotel Kong Arthur, Ni’mat Massage & Spa has a Jacuzzi, cold water bucket and other modern facilities that clients can enjoy. It’s very accessible, just a short walk from Norreport and provides a lovely view of the string of lakes in front of the hotel. It is open 11 hours each day not only for guests of the four-star Hotel Kong Arthur but as well as for tourists visiting Denmark wanting to relax and escape from the busy city life. Of course, residents who wish to be pampered are also welcome to go there.

Spa owner Heidi Osterby says every treatment provided to clients is planned with care. This is to make sure that every guest gets the kind of personalized service he or she desires.

To create a relaxing and calm atmosphere within the spa center, Ni’mat features deep colors on its walls, displays Buddha statues in different areas and plays soothing music that’s good for the heart and soul.

Spas date back to the ancient times when people bathed themselves in hot or cold springs to heal some of their ailments. Today, they offer a wide range of treatments from head to foot  whether in a building of its own or within a hotel or resort complex. 

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