Fashion Trade Fair in Denmark Expands

Europe never lags behind when it comes to fashion trends. The continent boasts of famous fashion designers whose creations have been showcased in fashion trade fairs and fashion shows and worn by celebrities as well as members of the high society.

Denmark isn’t left behind. The truth of the matter is that Denmark’s capital Copenhagen provides a major venue for fashion exhibitions through the efforts of CPH Vision. This only confirms Copenhagen’s position as an international fashion location.

Just last February, CPH Vision added more exhibition sites for designer brands as well as urban and streetwear labels. Starting with only 60 exhibitors during its 1998 launching, the CPH trade fair increased its participants to more than 300 exhibitors with over 600 labels this 2009. More applicants are also waiting in line including new designers in the Nordic countries and international brands.

CPH Vision is actually considering a new fair concept that will add more space to its existing exhibition venue in Oksnehallen. The new venue composed of two exhibition halls is very near Oksnehallen, just walking distance actually. The area used to be a locomotive maintenance building owned by DSB (Danish Railways). Terminal 2 is set to be opened in February 2010. The expansion is to give ample space to some 30,000 buyers that go to the fair every six months to move around the exhibition halls and to their hotels, cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen.

CPH Vision has become a popular and important figure in Europe as it hosts renowned design firms and their clients in the fashion world. Trade shows in Copenhagen such as those hosted by CPH Vision are wonderful avenues for professional growth of creative fashion designers. Here, they can showcase their latest and most creative clothes and accessories. This aspect is where CPH Vision becomes more attractive compared to other fashion trade fairs in Europe that cater to the traditional designers.

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