Female Danes Get Into Football

In today’s era, women are just about anywhere. They’ve conquered many of the so-called men’s worlds ranging from the corporate world to politics to science and technology and even sports. Name it, women are in it.

In Denmark, football is a popular sport for men. But while it’s a masculine sport, women have joined in as well. In fact, rugby has become a popular team sports for Denmark women. Exiles RUFC is just one example of an international rugby club in Copenhagen that has female members. The 40-year-old club reformed its ladies team in 2008 to join the Danish women’s championship.

Women who are into rugby claimed they were attracted to the sport because of the lack of opportunities for team sports involving the girls. Some say the sport has improved their fitness. Others say they like the feeling of being in a team. There are also players who have developed a love for the sport after just trying out the sport. To the other ladies, rugby was their way of making new friends which they weren’t able to do in school.

And while it may look like a tough game for ladies to be in, those playing right now say people are not just very familiar with how the game goes. To most spectators of the game, the bumping or tackling of bodies during the game may appear brutal but female players say it’s not meant to hurt the opponents but rather a method of breaking down an attack and launching a counter attack.

In Denmark land, rugby as a sport will surely continue to have female players. The sport has become not only an outlet for the girls to maintain their fitness but to gain life-long friendship as well. Other women who want to try out rugby are most welcome to do so.

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