Film Director Wins Tourism Budget

If there’s a will, there’s indeed always a way. This is a positive attitude that people should follow in order to achieve whatever goals they have, be it big or small. And an award winning Danish creative director has just proven that this is indeed true.

Lars Busekist, the executive creative director of a film company JWT, recent won the first international tourism budget granted by the government of Egypt. The amount is a whopping DKK 250 million meant for a period of three years to attract tourists to visit Egypt.

Busekist who heads the JWT Egyptian division in the capital Cairo successfully got the budget, thanks also to the efforts of his 140 staff members. And what a major achievement it is for the director because everything happened after being in Cairo for only two weeks.

At the start, there were 15 bureaus competing for the budget and Busekist, being the dedicated creative director that he is, wanted the tourism budget very badly. He thought that they had to get it by hook or by crook. So what he and his staff did was to come up with unique international concepts. Five bureau were left in the end and all were evaluated based on their creative/strategic and economic approaches. Luckily, Busekist’s group earned the highest points on the creative/strategic side and presented the most attractive budget.

With this achievement, the Danish director is happy to say that he can readily get the talents of Hollywood celebrities such as George Clooney and Scarlet Johansson for his film projects. Lars Busekist, a former staff of the Rethink communication house has already won several awards in the past. These include gold and silver lions in Cannes as well as an Arnold award which he won in 2002 for two commercials.

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