First Class Travel Guide to Copenhagen

A hardcore yet environment friendly tour around the city? Copenhagen is the perfect location for you. Not only will you be mesmerized at the preserved history of its buildings but the minimal and functional features of the new structures around the metro. Even with the buzz around the city, the hyggelige ambiance is all over this city fostering a uniquely Danish sense of conviviality. Around Copenhagen are three sandy beaches where there’s a chance of getting to the award winning artificial island. Surely, this is a wonderful getaway for the family.


Architecture is not the only fascinating part in Copenhagen but also the culture of drinking around the metro. Copenhagen is famous for having the best tasting beers such as the Carlsberg Breweries. You will have the taste of various preferences with their breweries. Along with the globally known beer are the cobblestone streets, historical structures, and Old Danish homes. Try the night life as well with the long line of bars at the Nyhavn Canal also known as the Longest Bar in Scandinavia. You can also check out the Rosenborg Castle, Christianborg Palace, and Freetown Christiana.

Statues and Museums

Travellers should always get the sight of the Little Mermaid statue situated at the Langelinie harbor. If you want to learn more about Denmark’s history, you should visit their entertaining museums like the Prince Palace National Museum or the Tivoli Gardens that caters around three million guests per year.


Getting around is not hard because of the extremely secure and reliable public transport services. Buses and trains operate with a one-fare system, which means that only one ticket is necessary for travelling in either bus or train. The guests are then encouraged to get the Copenhagen Card for a hassle-free travelling. Locals love the bicycles but if you want a private transportation, try taxis which are light on the budget as well.

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