The Absolute Travel Guide to Denmark

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries that were once under the Viking raiders. Following its Viking rulers, Denmark evolved into a prosperous and modern nation now participating in various economic and political European issues. This is also the place where Lego was born and you can still find the bricks at its Billund theme park. Having evaluated by the UN conference as the happiest country in the world, Denmark proves to be one of safest, convenient, and romantic places to visit.

Environment and Terrain

The country has been dubbed as the greenest country because of their reputation in green technology such as home insulation and wind turbines. They acquire 20% of energy from renewable energy particularly wind power. The terrain of Denmark makes it ideal for farming due to its flat, arable landmasses. Freezing winter air and stormy weather is prevented by the Norway and Sweden mountains from entering Denmark. When combined with mild temperature, this makes more agriculture well suited for smoothed seasons on floods or droughts.


Denmark is also popular for its athletic activities such as handball, gymnastics, golf, and badminton. Danes are also popular for being cosy or Hygge. This culture exemplifies social interactions and long conversations over a company of family and friends. They are also modest shown in Danish designs and their behavioral patterns. They are strict minimalists yet functional in terms of their building designs. Another key component in their Danish life is drinking alcoholic beverages. Social gatherings makes alcohol present and for you to get to know Danes is to engage in drinking.

Getting Around

It is easy to roam around Denmark since there is no traffic and you can ride either a bus, car, or bicycle. You can easily find shops around its cities since each are close to each other and alongside the pedestrian lane. 

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