Another example of a successful ecologically sustainable community in Denmark is Friland, located in Djursland in eastern Jutland. What makes Friland more interesting is that it was a collaboration between private individuals and a corporation – Denmark’s national TV station DR-TV. The idea was to create a cooperative that will enable families to build and own their homes free from debt, waste, mortgages or any tax deductions from the government. It was founded in 2002 by 13 families who left behind their stressful, busy lives and transformed a small village where simple living is the norm. The houses are made of straw bales, wooden planks and other natural and recyclable materials such as seashells and sawdust thus greatly reducing costs on construction. Aside from housing, residents of Friland have also created places of work within the center so that driving or travelling to other places is also minimized. Residents have also espoused environmental-friendly practices such as using solar showers, rain water recycling and waste water management along with growing their own produce. Friland has also become one of Denmark’s blueprints and models for simple living with DR-TV documenting the lives of the cooperative’s residents and how they become self-reliant. The documentary has been aired and viewed by people all over the country.
Today, Friland is not only a thriving ecological cooperative but also known internationally as a venue for ecological seminars, interactive courses and workshops about the environment and nature. There are also guided tours that are conducted by the residents from May to October.

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