Skandinavisk Dyrepark

It has recently gained worldwide attention because of one polar bear cub – Siku, hailed as an online sensation when a BBC produced video was shown on Youtube. But the Scandinavian Wildlife Park has been providing countless hours of informative entertainment to local families as well as visitors to Denmark for many years. Located in the city of Kolind in Djursland, the 45-hectare zoo and nature park is home to about 300 animals of 21 various species.

What makes the park truly remarkable is that the animals are kept in natural habitat without glass or wire fences so that visitors can experience up close how the animals freely move about. The main attraction in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park is the polar bear park, made famous by Siku (which means “Sea Ice” in Greenlandic language). The polar bear facility covers about 26,000 square meters and has a 220-meter footbridge where visitors can view the polar bears at eye level. Aside from the polar bears, there are other wildlife living in large sections of the park such as the brown bear, the musk ox, the red and Arctic fox, wild boar, reindeer, moose and many more.

There is also a bird aviary that houses different avian species like the white stork, the barnacle goose and the greylag goose. Aside from the live animals, the park also has an activity center with displays of skeletons and fossils of animals from the Ice Age. During the summertime, the park also offers camping grounds for groups and families who would want to get the full experience of being in the wild.

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