Gender Equality: Not Taken Lightly in Denmark

Denmark holds an impressive record in the subject of gender equality. It does not take the issue lightly as evidenced by existing legislative acts that will ensure adherence to it. Gender equality is said to be one of the reasons why Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

The Act on Equal Pay, the Equal Treatment Act, the Act on Gender Equality, and the Act of Equal Treatment on Women and Men in the Occupational Social Security Schemes, all aim to make the principles of gender equality respected in both the public and private sectors. It is not just some window-dressing law put merely to provide a positive image of the country and its people. It is not a perfect system but it is the closest any country has ever come to the ideals of gender parity.

Women are not only allowed to vote in Denmark. They in fact, hold considerable number of government positions and other positions of authority. This fact is a reflection of the general condition prevailing in the country and is a tribute to a working proposition towards attainment of gender equality.

When Denmark is referred to as a “feminine” society, it is not to be construed as a society where men have lost their say. It is simply a society that emphasizes good relationship, positive values, charity, and compromise in the good sense. It may be difficult to find a strictly feminine or masculine aspect of life such as nature of work, responsibilities, and rights in Denmark. The general atmosphere is that of truly being responsible for each other, regardless of gender.

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