Berlingske: Not Quite Old News

Berlingske has been providing news to the Danish people since 3 January 1749. As one of the oldest existing newspapers in the world, Berlingske or formerly Berlingske Tidende (Berling’s Times) holds a distinct position in the industry not only in Denmark but in the world as well. As most old names are wont to be, Berlingske was originally given quite a long name.

It was originally titled Kjøbenhavnske Danske Post-Tidender and then still another long name, Berlingskes Politiske og Avertissements Tidende. Founded by Ernst Henrich Berling, the Royal Book Printer of Denmark, the newspaper was owned by the Berling Family for a long period of time. The family’s ownership of the newspaper ended in 1982 when it was acquired by a group of Danish investors, just in time to save it from complete bankruptcy. The Danish group eventually joined the Orkla Group, a Norwegian conglomerate in the year 2000. The British Mecom Group acquired Orkla Media in 2006.

Berlingske is recognized as one of the big three in the broadsheet-quality newspapers category in the country. It has also been published though in the tabloid format. Presently, it also has a web or digital version. 

Judging from its continued strong existence and presence in spite of its age, Berlingske is not quite old news. It is in fact far from it. It holds the title of being the oldest existing newspaper in Denmark but has managed to age gracefully with the times, providing news as young the current times. 


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