Holiday Home in Denmark

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One of the most challenging aspects of traveling is finding the most suitable accommodation. More than the need for temporary living quarters while on a different place, travelers enjoy the trip better if the accommodation itself can be considered a plus factor. In Denmark, renting holiday home is usually the best way to go.

Denmark's Holiday Homes Make a Family Holiday Fun

Have you ever considered Denmark as a destination for your family holiday? We will give you three convincing reasons to go to Denmark for your next holiday, and we will let you in on a little secret about holiday homes in Denmark.

Denmark is a very popular destination in northern Europe. All though the country is a rather small one (approximately 42.000 km2), the geographic location means that Denmark features more than 7000 kilometres of coastline. Along these shores, you will encounter some of the best beaches in Europe. With a selection of more than 25.000 holiday homes in Denmark, is the place to go – just click Urlaub Dänemark, and you’re well on your way.

3 reasons why you should consider a trip to Denmark with your kids

Let's start with why you should go to Denmark for your family holiday.

  1. The Danes understand English at a high level: you’ll always be able to get by.
  2. The family-friendly beaches in Denmark are among the very best in Europe.
  3. Denmark's attractions make the country one of the most fun places in Europe to stay for the entire family.

The best family beaches in Denmark are located on the western coast of Jutland. Here you will find wide, long beaches with a fantastic sand quality.

Some of the most popular family attractions in Denmark are Tivoli (Copenhagen), Legoland (Billund) and Faarup Sommerland (Saltum).

Renting a Home in Denmark

Vacation rentals or holiday homes are very good options for those who do not prefer to stay in hotels. Holiday homes are situated in picturesque areas such as near inland waters. They come in a variety of features and can cater to individuals, couples, families (more informations bellow), and even larger groups.

Home Holiday areas in Denmark

Now, to the holiday homes – a good option to hotels since you don't want your family holiday to ruin the budget for next year's vacation! You’ll find more than 30.000 holiday homes in Denmark for rent. So travelers are bound to find holiday homes in any part of the country.

A holiday home is a great way in which to experience a city, a region or a country regardless of whether it’s your own country or a foreign one. Either way, you’re free to do exactly as your want during your holiday.

You don’t have to worry about the closing hours of some hotel’s reception, you don’t have to dine at a particular time and there are no noisy neighbors in the room next to yours, as long as you choose a detached holiday home. Be sure to check out Ferienhäuser Dänemark which offers about 110.000 holiday homes all over Europe, when you plan your next holiday.

The biggest and most popular holiday home areas are situated in Western Jutland, Northern Seeland, Funen, Falster, and on Bornholm, as well as the islands of Rømø and Fanø. In Western Jutland, you will find the beaches, whereas Northern Seeland offers an exciting and relaxed local atmosphere. On Bornholm, you can find some of the most beautiful nature Denmark in the middle and northern parts of the island.

So you see, consider Denmark for your next holiday adventure, and bring the family. See you around!

Different types of Holiday Cottages

Most holiday homes are privately owned but are rented out to visiting travelers. A typical rental period is about a week and it would be difficult to get one for less than that period especially during peak season. Holiday homes come equipped with basic facilities. The more facilities provided, the higher the rental price. 

Aside from regular cottages, there are luxury summer houses that come with all the works that provide utmost convenience to travelers. While there are private owners that can be contacted directly for inquiries, most use tourist offices or agencies that can be contacted online. Depending on the arrangement, occupants may need to bring their own bed linen and other personal effects for use during their stay. Cleaning services can also be arranged. 

Renting Holiday Home Denmark between individuals

holiday home denmark

Many people prefer to rent a private holiday home directly by the owner when they go on vacation.  It is considered as an easy and secure way to rent a holiday home. They can establish a close relationship with owner and any problems can be taken care of quickly.  You will also get more for your money by renting directly from the landlord and the price might even be negotiable. One owner has this to say:

“I have a personal knowledge of all my guests and it's really nice to meet them year after year, and some even several times a year. We make sure that the house is clean and tidy upon arrival and we've always been happy with the house's condition when the guests are gone.” 

Cottage Rental in Denmark

Our landlords take pride in the fact that their properties are in pristine condition when travelers arrive and for this reason many travelers come back year after year.  With more than 1000 private cottage and home rentals throughout Denmark, there is sure to be something to please anyone. 

Find Holiday Home in Denmark that suit you best

There are many different types of homes from which to choose and whether travelers are looking for beach access, a sea view, or another type of setting, Holiday Homes in Denmark has it all. 

And if you want to stay in Copenhagen, check the Copenhagen city card for access to a lot of attractions and transports and save money for your vocation !

There are even luxury homes with pools and homes that are ideal for 2-3 families.  You can find private holiday cottages all over Denmark on this website.

Our top Holiday Home in Denmark

Located in Northern Europe, Denmark is famous for being home to Vikings. Now, blessed with sites and sceneries along with richness in culture, the country is known to be a favorite among travel enthusiasts. The peak season of tourists in Denmark is usually from July to August. This is because of festivals and outdoor concerts happening during these months. Museums also operate at longer hours, where visitors can enjoy more all throughout the day. Of course, it is more enjoyable to visit if you have a good place to stay. Here are some of the holiday houses you can check out while in Denmark.

Holiday Houses and Great Accommodation in Denmark

Karri Rock Hideaway

Situated at Adams Road, Denmark, they offer spacious bedrooms and stunning views. You will see formidable rock outcrops as well and explore the Karri Forest near the holiday house. Relax as you see the beautiful and majestic nature scenes amongst the treetops. Appreciate the environment more with a glimpse of the ocean at night or the variety of birds during the day.

Waterview Retreat

Located at Russell Rise, Denmark, this holiday house has stunning and modern amenities close to town. It has three bedrooms, large living room, three bathrooms, and a glorious veranda. You also have your own kitchen, dishwasher, microwave, ceiling fans, and wood fire. This is a brand new home for you and your loved ones seeing the views of Wilson Inlet. The Denmark River is near this holiday house where you can stroll or walk when going to town.

Francesca’s Cottage

francesca cottage holiday home denmark

This holiday house is found at Gilbert Avenue, Denmark with only two bedrooms and bathroom cottage. There is electric kitchen, TV at lounge, and guests are provided with line. A deck and verandah is also available for gas barbecueing and outdoor settings. The tall trees at Weedon Hill near this holiday house keep the guests comfortable and during the winter, there is also wood fire available.

The selection at Feline-Urlaub-Daenemark is equally big. This site features a large selection of holiday homes all over Denmark, but you will also find a wide range of holiday homes in Italy, France, Spain and numerous other European countries here. Go to Ferienhaus Dänemark and check out for your self.

You may also want to visit (Sommerhus) – or (Sommerhuse – Ferie). Both of these sites, which are based in Denmark, feature a large variety of the best holiday homes in all parts of Denmark. Choose between the popular beaches along the North Sea Coast, the peninsula of Jutland or one of the scenic islands, which constitute the rest of Denmark.

Conclusion to the Holiday Home in Denmark

Whether you are looking for a wonderful view of the ocean and access to the beach or a home with a relaxing Jacuzzi, we have what you want.  There are even homes that have enough room for multiple families.  Looking for a year-round rental? 

You have come to the right place.  Find your cottage in Denmark and have the time of your life.

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