Visiting Skagen in Denmark: Best things to Do

Skagen Denmark beach
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If you want to go to the northernmost point of Denmark then set your sights to “the Skaw.” Situated in between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea on the Jutland peninsula, the tiny yet amazingly picturesque piece of land known as Skagen may be the kind of escape city dwellers dream of.

Situated about 300 miles from the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Skagen is pronounced as “skane.” It is situated in Jutland at the tip of Denmark, about 300 miles from the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Amazing places to visit in Skagen Denmark for Art lovers

Skagen Denmark is a perfect place to visit particularly for art lovers. Strolling through this old town considered to be an art colony will give you a truly enriching experience. You’ll get to see here the yellow houses with their red-tiled roofs and for your souvenir items, you have lots of art galleries to choose from where you can purchase ceramic items, paintings and jewelry.

A distinct Skagen trademark (the “Skagen yellow” is known in Denmark as a type of color for house paint). No wonder then that artists have found inspiration in the area and have called it home since the 1800s.

The “Skagen Painters” was a group of artists who came to Skagen and painted landscapes and open-air sceneries heavily influenced by their environment. Some of the paintings have found their way in galleries all over the world and have fetched handsome prices at auctions.

Summertime remains the busiest season yet in Skagen when tourists come in droves and enjoy the many holiday activities around.

Things to do & See in Skagen Denmark

Skagen city in Denmark

Aside from exploring the region and enjoying the sunny weather, there are other interesting Skagen attractions such as the Skagen Museum which houses a collection of artwork by the Skagen Painters (features some 1,800 art works).

The Open-air Museum with its displays of fishing and other sea-faring activities and the ruins of the Tilsandede Kirke, a 14th-century church that used to be one of the biggest in the Jutland region. But in time got buried down because of sand drift.

For early risers, it’s always interesting to watch the fish auctions at the port when the fresh catch of the day gets snapped up by zealous buyers.

Finding a place to stay in Skagen is an easy task due to its fine hotels.

Known as the Land of Light, Skagen is an old fishing village that dates back to 600 years ago. Specifically, it’s located in the area where the North Sea meets the Baltic sea.

Also, Skagen is famous for smartwatches. They have been inspired by Skagen City Denmark and the Danish coastline. Check out their website here.

Skagen beach Denmark – Enjoy Grenen

Map Copenhagen

Skagen Denmark is blessed with a uniquely striking topography – picture stretches of heathlands and sand dunes surrounded by the pristine sea waters that clash together along Grenen, the north most point in Jutland.

For one of the most amazing views, you need to visit Grenen where a path leading to the tip of Denmark exists. There, you can enjoy a relaxing walk along the shore with your friends or loved ones, watch the beautiful sunset and the merging waves of the two seas.

It might also interest you that beyond this small town of Skagen is Denmark’s terminus. This is an expanding beach that grows every year owing to the dirt carried and deposited along the Danish northwestern coast. In fact, the coast has already extended to some 1,000 yards over the past century.


Where is Skagen Denmark?

Skagen is located in the north of Denmark. It is situated in between the North and Baltic Sea on the Jutland peninsula.

Where are Skagen Denmark watches made?

Skagen watches are created in Skagen. Not only they create watches, but also wearables and jewelry.

What to do in Skagen Denmark?

First, enjoy beautiful nature and beaches. Secondly, don't forget to visit Skagen Museum. Also, enjoy the old town houses, it's perfect for art lovers.

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