At the heart of West Jutland’s cultural, economic and social life is the dynamic region of Holstebro. Even though it is generally surrounded by heath lands, Holstebro enjoys the unique advantage of having a diverse natural environment. To the west is the North Sea and stretches of white sandy beaches while lying at the eastern areas are open spaces of green and hilly lands graduating to the gentle waters of Limfjord. Needless to say, the region offers numerous opportunities for open-air activities all year round but also provides informative entertainment for those who want to learn more about the local culture.
The main town in the municipality is also called Holstebro and here visitors can walk along pedestrian-friendly streets lined with unique shops and decorated with numerous sculptures that are all integral monuments in town. One noteworthy landmark can be found at Store Torv which is a fountain adorned with a ceramic sculpture of St. George vanquishing a dragon. Complementing the beautifully-adorned streets are occasional live art performances by the town’s theater troupe of the Odin Theatre. There are also a number of museums and art galleries for the culturally-inclined. The Hjerl Hede is an open-air museum that re-creates life in an ancient Danish village. Housed in a 17th century manor is the Norre Vosborg Museum where different activities for the whole family can be enjoyed such as ballet performances, concerts and opera. And for those who like to have their fun in the water, Holstebro also offers many choices: the Thorsminde Beach, the Holstebro Water Park and the Stora River. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring around the Geddal Strandenge and the Nissum Fjord where various exotic flora and fauna can be found.

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