Koge Bugt Strandpark

The Koge Bay Beach Park between Avedore and Hundige is one popular beach destination for the locals, not only for the myriad of opportunities for recreational activities but also because it is strategically close to Copenhagen. The park is actually made up of a seven-kilometer stretch of artificial dunes over the northern part of Koge Bay with a sandy beach and several man-made lagoons and small lakes. Opened in 1980, the beach park was built to provide a leisure destination for the population as well as a protection against flooding for the surrounding suburbs of Copenhagen.

It was awarded a Blue Flag status in 2004 and has provided years of holiday fun to families living in and around the city. Summertime is when people come in droves to the Koge Bay Beach Park and enjoy water activities such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing and boating. In the winter, fishing and angling are popular sports that attract people to come, especially around the Store Vejlea where schools of large perch swim upstream for spawning season. Over by Jaegerso, bird watchers and nature lovers can enjoy the different types of birds that come to breed or just to nest. Some of the birds that can be seen include grebes, black-headed gulls and coots.

The Koge Bay Beach Park also has a number of harbors that serve as promenade and shopping areas along with marinas that can support about 4000 boats. There is also a museum for contemporary art, the Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst..

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