Horsens: A Picturesque Village in Jutland’s Fjords


Horsens, a village tucked in the fjords of East Jutland, is one of the best places in Denmark to visit if you’re looking for a incredibly scenic views. With rambling valleys and hills created by glaciers from the ice age, and little isles surrounding the village, everywhere you look is a cause for wonder. Even the houses and buildings are as picturesque as can be. 

Horsens is perhaps best known for three things though; the its beautiful shallow beaches and the endless water activities you can enjoy, the Danmarks Industrimuseum (Industrial Museum), and the annual European Medieval Festival held last Friday and Saturday of August.

Water activities popular amongst Horsens locals and tourists alike include isle hopping, wind surfing, and sailing. Of course, beach combing and just hanging around to relax on the water’s edge is something everyone thoroughly enjoys as well.


The Danmarks Industrimuseum, which shows the history of Denmark’s industrial society, is the only museum of its kind in the country. It’s a mishmash of interesting objects containing more than just machinery, which is perhaps what most would expect of an industrial museum. In fact you’ll find just about everything that ordinary Danish families used over the centuries, from clothes to tables and bicycles. If there’s a must-see section of the museum though, that would be the museum shop.


The European Medieval Festival, wherein the town center is transformed into a medieval market town, is perhaps the best time for families to visit Horsen, unless you want a quieter vacation that is. There are plenty of fun activities for people of all ages held throughout the festival and lots of cool products and produce to buy, so make sure you have a nice shopping budget. And if you want to really get into the spirit, you’d better come in costumes as well!





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