The Latin Quarter

The oldest neighborhood in Aarhus turns out to be one of the hippest and most vibrant places in Copenhagen, partly because of its large student population and also because of the presence of numerous small shops and restaurants that line the cobblestoned streets. The Latin Quarter which harks back to the 14th century (and gets its name from the Latin language spoken by the scholars who used to inhabit the area) is made up of the following major streets: Klostergade, Volden and Borggade. The streets may be narrow but they are full of interesting sights along with enjoyable places where one can just while away the time or engage in leisure activities like shopping. There is a number of medieval churches to visit, including the 17th century Trinitatis Kirke, the Neo-classical Vor Frue Kirke that holds the oldest bells in Denmark and the well-preserved medieval structure in the 13th century monastery of the Church of the Holy Ghost.

The most popular place where the locals hang out in the Latin Quarter is the Pustervig Torv square situated right in the heart of it all. But what mostly define the lively spirit in the area are the small alternative shops that sell unique, artisanal and relatively cheaper products. Everything from jewelry, glassware, books, furniture, organic clothing and food can be found there. Some of the small areas to check out are in Vestergade, Larsbjornsstraede and Studiestraede. There are also small art galleries that promote local contemporary artists. And when it’s time to kick back and relax or grab a bite to eat, there are also a number of open-air bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

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