Housing Communities of Denmark

Denmark started a housing community concept during the 1960s which is still being replicated today. It is not only happening in the country buit also in other countries notably the US, China, and several European countries. The main reason for developing such housing concept is the dissatisfaction with existing housing and communities then which were largely felt to have failed to provide the needs of inhabitants.

Living communities referred to as bofællesskab in Denmark are widely accepted and are in fact deemed ideal by many. This housing concept evolved around the thinking that it makes more sense for several families to live in one housing community, sharing facilities and arriving on household decisions based on consensus of the families instead of individual family members. The grouping is not based on a common economy, religious belief, or anything similar that usually makes people decide to live together. The main reason is typically the desire to create what community members believe are socially ideal.

Cohousing communities have individual homes for each familiy and shared facilities for the whole community. Ownership and management is shared by residents based on decisions they come up through a consensus. It is like having the dual advantage of privacy when needed and close social interaction when desired.

The design of these communities tend to provide more for open and shared use to encourage social interaction. Green spaces form one of the priorities. Common facilities that cater to the actual needs of  residents is another. One of the evidences that this housing concept actually works is the low rate of turnover. 




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