Mother’s Day in Denmark

Like many countries all over the world, Denmark celebrates Mother’s Day every second week of May. Known as the Mors Dag, it is a tradition observed since 1929 to honor mothers by giving gifts or doing something special for them during the day. The initial reasons for starting the tradition was borne out of social purposes although it is openly acknowledged that it was inspired by the Mother’s Day celebrations in the US.

The original intention was actually to collect money for the benefit of war widows and mothers who have lost their sons in war. This day is most especially filled with flowers as most Danes will be visiting their mothers during this day, bearing a bunch of flowers. For those who are living afar from their mothers, online delivery of flowers is always the next option. Eating out in  a selected restaurant with the family is also a common scene during this day.

While flower shops are filling up orders for flowers, many bakeries and bakeshops all over Denmark are busy filling up orders for Mors Dag cakes. Children are expected to indulge their mothers by serving them breakfast in bed or just simply allowing them the luxury to get up when they want to. After all, this is a special day for women who are always putting their family first.

Throughout the years, other expressions of apreciation to mothers have evolved. Flowers, card, and cakes are traditional Mother’s Day gift. In Denmark, special commemorative plates are being created every year since 1969. Although it is an event that is observed by most Danes, the day is not considered a public holiday.

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