How to Apply for Family Reunification In Denmark

Did you know that you can apply for a residence permit in Denmark on the basis of family reunification? Of course, there are several requirements that need to be met before it can be realized. Getting a residence permit offers the advantage of being able to work legally in the country.

This opportunity is available to everyone who has existing relationships with Danish nationals particularly as spouse, registered partner, or cohabiting partner, children, and other family members allowed by law. This extended privilege is in keeping with honoring Denmark’s international obligations to such an effect. Parents can only be allowed to be reunified with their children living in Denmark provided that children are still below 18 years of age,

Denmark’s Immigration Office handles matters pertaining to reunifying family. It takes into consideration a number of things before giving its approval. These include the established family life, length of time in which the applicant has been a member of the household of the Danish citizen who supported the application, and the ability of the applicant to support health needs himself.

It has to be noted that the family reunification privilege is only granted under extraordinary cases. It cannot be used by any parent living outside Demark as a way to establish a relationship with the child. Incomplete application requirements will mean outright disapproval. If the residence permit was granted as an accompanying family member, application is processed by the Danish Agency for Labor Retention and International Recruitment. It would be highly recommended to think over the reasons for applying since not everybody will be granted the privilege.



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