How to Become an Au Pair in Denmark

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Many families in Denmark are finding it difficult to supervise their growing children particularly when both parents are working. The situation becomes more difficult if toddlers are involved as these little kids really need much attention. Unless one parent works at home, watching over the kids is really a huge challenge.

Fortunately, though, there are au pairs that provide help to families. These are young men and women aged 17 to 29 who work in the home as nannies to growing children. They usually work from three to five hours every day and live in the home together with the families they’re working for.

In Denmark, many families are taking advantage of au pairs. These nannies may not necessarily be citizens of Denmark because even people from foreign countries can apply to become one. However, there are specific qualifications that need to be met.

Those interested to become an au pair in Denmark should be single with no minor children to take care of. Also, the male or female applicant must not be accompanied by their family in traveling to their place of work. Citizens of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and other EU countries do not need to secure a work or residence permit.

Some of the benefits that an au pair in Denmark can gain are free room and board in the family’s house, one day off each week, opportunity to take part in religious worship and to attend a language course if necessary. As for holidays, the host family must decide if the au pair will be covered by Denmark’s Holiday Act or the Act on Certain Employment Relationships in Agriculture or not.

The Danish government grants au pairs a maximum of one year stay in the country. The residence permit may only be extended to another six months but only on rare occasions. Additionally, it is a requirement that au pairs should at least have knowledge of the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German language for easier communication with the family members they’re working for.

To apply for an au pair in Denmark, both you and the host family have to apply and supply information before you enter Denmark.

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  1. Thanks for this, I have a friend who is interested in this. How easy can we get a family who is looking for aupair?

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