Getting a Car in Denmark

Denmark and cars is not an ideal match. The government is trying its best to discourage car use and get people to use Denmark’s efficient public transportation or – even more eco-friendly – their bikes.

In terms of driving license, it’s a requirement for foreigners to obtain a Danish driving license and pass a driving test before they’re allowed to drive around the country. For those who have been approved for permanent residence in Denmark, they can use their national driver’s license but for only up to 14 days. On the other hand, those who have a license issued in EU countries as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein need not get a Danish license. Concerns about license are usually handled by the National Commission of the Danish Police.

Buying A New Car

The displayed price of Danish cars includes the hefty Danish car tax, which can be up to 180% of the car’s net value. In comparison to neighboring countries, buying a car in Denmark is therefore very expensive.

Foreign nationals who can document that they will be staying in Denmark for less than a year may buy a car without having to pay the Danish registration fee. The purchase price will be reduced considerably – often by as much as 50%.

After registration, you also have to pay a yearly car tax. This tax is based on emissions. The lower the emissions, the lower the tax.

Importing Your Car

People moving to Denmark who may want to bring their car should have it registered within 14 days upon arriving. The motor office (Motorkontor), part of the tax office (Skat) is in charge of vehicle registration and setting of tax rates for imported cars. Whether new or used cars, the owner needs to pay a registration fee. This is normally 60 to 63 percent of the sale price of a similar brand of car in Denmark. An appraisal form is available as well at the Motorkontoret. You need to consult the motor office nearest to your place of residence, for example Motorkontoret Århus, Motorkontoret Aalborg, Motorkontor Randers, or Motorkontoret Roskilde – see here for a list of all motor offices in Denmark.

Finally, be sure to get a liability insurance coverage for your car. This should cover for damages in case of accidents wherein people and properties are affected. You can obtain more information on this from an insurance company.

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