How Viennese Came to Be

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There are several marvelous things that have resulted from different accidents or mistakes in the past and are widely appreciated in our world today.  One of these would be the Danish Pastry.  It is not only a morning staple in Denmark.  A party or a leisurely Sunday breakfast is not complete without it.  The Danes call it Viennese and according to some people, it is like a Danish flag that they fly every time to mark an occasion. 

An interesting thing about its birth is that it actually came to be out of a baker’s mistake according to a Danish baker’s union.  This was created give or take 350 years ago by Claudius Gelee, a French apprentice who forgot to add butter to the flour.  Like any other person who wants to cover his mistake, he added it later and folded lumps of butter into a dough.  To his astonishment, he was able to create the lightest dough ever seen in France.  Gelee went on a journey from France to Italy to repeat his success and the Italian bakers brought the pastry from Austria.  From there, it was imported to Denmark. 


Danes filled pastries with jam, fruits, nuts and cream but nowadays, people top it with just about anything they can think of.  Danish pastries are made with ingredients such as flour, yeast, milk, eggs, and a lot of butter.   These days, they come in all shapes and sizes.  You can get these delicious pastries from any coffee shop and Copenhagen Tea Room in Denmark.  

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