Aalborg Opera Festival

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Aalborg Opera Festival

Aalborg is an industrial and university city in the North of Jutland, Denmark.  Every March, the Aalborg Opera Festival is held for ten days.  The entire city with Aalborg Congress and Culture Center provide the frames for this event.  People can experience opera in a wide variety of forms, including performances, concerts, movies, and workshops. 

This festival is initiated by a great opening concert at the city center.  Well-known opera singers perform and will also finish with a great gala concert at big musical venues.  This takes place all over the city with concerts, not only at Aalborg Congress and Cultural Centre, but also at local restaurants, in the shopping streets  and at all libraries across the city.   

Their purpose was to introduce people to the wonders of opera.   The organizers of the event would like people to increase their knowledge about opera.  They want the music to be available to not only the few dedicated fans, but also those who have an interest in music but does not consider opera an option. 

This festival is a way for them to develop new ways to communicate and market opera.  By presenting opera outside its traditional settings, they wish to accomplish this goal.  Another way is to collaborate with other genres that have a natural relation to opera such as theatre or music venues.  This can serve as an opportunity for them to reach out to new audiences for they have yet to experience the wonderment that is the opera.



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