How will Danish bookmakers reach the Gen Z sports bettors?

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Both the demographic trends and the digital literacy levels of the Danish population necessitate a totally new approach to reaching and satisfying the tastes and preferences of the new generation of sports bettors. 

All bookmakers and the best betting sites in Denmark, must now reconfigure their strategies, adjust their products and services provided to users and fine tune their offerings in order to be able to effectively reach the young, Gen Z punters, who have already taken the lead in the industry’s customer base. 

The Gen Z portion of the entire Danish population is growing while the older generations are continuously shrinking. This means that the dynamic target group for Danish bookmakers is now made from more and more Gen Zers.

It is this generation that accounts for the largest portion of the sports bettors in the country and as such it is this generation’s needs, wants and tastes that the industry should cater to. 

Meanwhile, another characteristic which is crucial for betting sites and sportsbooks’ operations, is that there is a very high digital literacy level – amongst the highest in Europe – and a very high internet usage rate. 

This probably goes hand in hand with the tech-savviness of the Gen Z, but it has a meaning of its own when it comes to the sports betting industry. 

So, taking these two issues into consideration, it is imperative that those sportsbooks that want to remain competitive, in an industry that is maturing on the one hand and that sees very strong rivalries on the other hand, need to find ways to reach the younger punters. 

Having said the above, let’s see how bookmakers and sites offering online betting in Denmark can actually align with the changing and evolving sports bettors, represented by the Gen Z. 

1. Building bridges between the offline and the online gambling world

Well the first thing that bookmakers need to take care of is to integrate their offline and online services and operations. Gen Z has been born and has lived in the world of the internet, but they are also living in the real, natural world as well and no matter how much they continue to be ‘connected’, they remain grounded to the physical environment as well. 

Gen Z wants a seamless transition from one world to the other and when it comes to sports betting this means that they want to experience a seamless way in and way out of the online and the brick-n-mortar operations. If they are to gamble in an online casino, such as the ones listed at, they want to be able to easily pass to the land-based casino without any problems, delays and with the same exact experience. 

Or if they are to fund their account with fiat currency at the land-based casino, they want this money to be readily available in their online casino account right away. Omnichannel is the future when it comes to betting and it is the only way to keep the Gen Z punters interested. 

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2. Interactivity and engagement 

Bookmakers should move away from the traditional mentality that it is only the prices that matter to sports bettors. For the Gen Z punters, it is other things that appear to matter the most. These users want interactivity, through which they can engage with gambling and sports betting. 

They want to engage with everything that they do, and this of course includes sports wagering. So, bookmakers need to put more emphasis not necessarily on having the best odds and the best prices, but on delivering the best experience. 

This means that they need to incorporate more eSports in their menus, offer more in-play, prop bets and micro bets (which boost interactivity), provide live streaming and real-time analysis of games with graphics and AI, tackle the entertainment much more than the profit-making purpose and generally put emphasis on things that have to do with optimizing the engagement and offering the chance for immersive experiences.

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