Indoor Handball – A Danish Creation

The sport of handball has long been lorded over by European countries. This is true in its outdoor version and its indoor version as well.
Denmark however holds the distinction of being the country where indoor handball originated.
This fact is not very known especially since many associate the discovery of handball to Germany.
This is probably because Germany has won in several handball competitions from the time they were organized.
Historians however have found evidence that the sport has existed during the time of Ancient Greece.
One thing is clear and that is Denmark was the country that introduced the indoor version to the people.
Handball is not merely a sport in Denmark. It is one of the most popular past times in the country.
The Danish Handball Association is the controlling entity for this sport.

Denmark is a mainstay player in both local and international competitions and has garnered awards at an impressive rate.
Some of these prestigious competition include the World Championship and the European Championship.
Indoor handball first saw action in Denmark during the 1940s. The rules of its outdoor version is followed.
Through time, rules were modified to make the sport a lot simpler and easy to understand.
It is no wonder then that indoor handball has now become the more popular of the two.
The Eastern European countries including Russia and Romania have shown their mastery of the sport in the recent years.
Some Asian countries though are starting to flex their arms to prove that they are worthy as well.

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