Island Hopping in Denmark

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Island hopping in Denmark is quite fun especially since the country has at least 400 islands, give and take, depending on the prevailing physical conditions. New islands tend to form due to sedimentation while existing islands can also disappear due to natural occurrences such as repeated battering from windstorms. Some smaller islands have been absorbed by larger ones either due to natural or artificial causes.

Notwithstanding, island hopping does not get any less fun. The five largest islands of Denmark namely Zealand, North Jutlandic Island, Funen, Lolland, and Bornholm do not necessarily get the most attention and visits. The smaller islands like Læsø, Samsø, Ærø and Ærøskøbing, Christiansø, and many others have their respective attractions to offer as well. This makes Denmark a very ideal place to go island hopping since there are many choices as compared to other countries where island attractions are usually concentrated in one or a few areas only.

Horseback riding is a very ideal activity to de done in the island of Læsø. Samsø is an eco-island where energy is generated by wind and the sun. Ærø is an ideal place to experience organic living. Bornholm and Christiansø are hosts to heritage towns. There are also the so-called secret small islands in Denmark consisting of Lilleø, Fejø, Vejrø, and Femø, which offer off-the-beaten track exploration pleasure.

The islands of Denmark offer unique attraction simply because most have managed to be true to their original and natural form. There is always special attention given to preserving what is there and improving on it rather than destroying to build something new. Such is the promise of an island hopping trip in Denmark. 


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