The Regions of Denmark

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It is always good to know of any information related to a country which a traveler intends to visit. One of the most basic information is the physical division of countries. Denmark is divided into regions which are further subdivided in municipalities.

As per the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform, Denmark is divided into 5 regions. This has eliminated the old division into counties. There used to be twenty-four counties before the change was made.  Regions by themselves are not allowed to levy taxes. They are partly financed by the central government and partly by their constituent municipalities. 

The five regions of Denmark and their corresponding English names are Region Hovedstaden – Capital Region of Denmark, Region Midtjylland – Central Region of Denmark, Region Nordjylland – North Denmark Region, Region Sjælland – Region Zealand, Region Syddanmark- Region of Southern Denmark, The seats of administration are found in Hillerod, Viborg, Aalborg, Sorø, and Bejleh, respectively. Copenhagen is the seat of sdministration for the whole country. 

The main responsibility of each region administrator pertains to public health service. As such, they are under The Ministry of the Interior and Health. There are two regions in Jutland, another two in Zealand, and one covering Funen. The decision to divide the country only in five regions has resulted to greater efficiency in the delivery of service especcially in the health service department. It is not only locals who get to benefit from this arrangement since visitors will find out that an efficiently-run government and government agencies makes life a lot simpler.

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