The Kerteminde Cherry Festival

There is one more reason for travelers to vist Denmark and it has something to do with cherries on summer time. The Kerteminde Cherry Festival is an annual event organized by the Art and Culture Society for the purpose of promoting art and culture in the Kerteminde area. The festival goes very well with the promotional idea of having a taste of Denmark.

Denmark’s culture has always been connected with its local flavor, music, and entertainment. The Cherry Festival combines all these elements to provide a colorful and festive event that has become one of the biggest attractions in the country. In Funen, the garden island of Denmark, the cherry fruit is strongly connected with old tradition. Even the round shape of the island is being connected to the cherry fruit to represent summer, love, and passion.

It is during this occasion that some estates open their doors to their cherry parks to the public. This allows people to harvest cherries themselves. This continues to be one of the most delightful activities in the festival.

Cherries have inspired a number of artists and writers in their work.  Since Kerteminde is known for its high cultural level, this Cherry Festival does not disappoint. The festival usually features events related to gastronomy, music, and art. Workshops, concerts, and exhibits are many and varied. Visitors will not find it hard to find accommodations while participating in the festival since there are a number of excellent vacation rentals in the charming vicinity of Kerteminde.


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